Optrel vegaview 2,5 fotoselluhjálmur

Optrel vegaview 2,5 fotoselluhjálmur

Vörunúmer: OF1006.600
49.150 kr.
Fótoselluhjálmur fer í 2,5 DIN. Mest seldi hjálmurinn hjá okkur.

Nánari lýsing

World record ADF with shade level 2.5 / 8–12: The optrel vegaview2.5 lets the welders’ most desired wish come true: bright view. With its unrivaled brightest ADF view with shade level 2.5, vegaview2.5 improves the visibility of welders’ environment by 400%! Compared with traditional autodarkening welding helmets, vegaview2.5 sets the world record in the light state!

Thanks to a special UV/IR filter, the vegaview2.5 offers a real color experience never seen before and finally brings color into the world of welding.

Weighting only 482 g (17 oz), the vegaview2.5 is one of the lightest auto­darkening welding helmets available. Its ergonomic design minimizes strain on the head and neck, ensuring comfort throughout the work day.

The vegaview2.5 is perfectly combined with the optrel e3000 PAPR respiratory system. With its integrated high-performance particle filter (TH3), welders are adequately protected against smoke, aerosols, and dust.

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